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Got book proposal overwhelm?

Say goodbye to the stress, cuz we’re breaking it down, making it e a s y… See your dream book proposal ready for agents, editors—the publishing world—in 4 sessions.  Get the recordings anytime!


I’m Linda Sivertsen, award-winning author of multiple books, co-author & collaborator of two NYT bestsellers, and co-author of Your Big Beautiful Book Plan with Danielle LaPorte. I recently put my know-how into a telecourse–the first I’ve done in five years. Now you can download the whole course and finally create the proposal that lands you the deal!


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Have you tried going it alone? Have you picked up Your Big Beautiful Book Plan, and barely cracked it open?

Maybe you’ve started to work through the massive examples, but then felt intimidated by the enormity of it?

Yeah. It’s BIG. While plenty of book babies are being birthed with this digital book and program we created (as you can see by the testimonials below), we heard from lots of folks that they could use more hands-on support.

Danielle and I love this stuff. In our enthusiasm, we poured everything we know about landing book deals into Your Big Beautiful Book Plan. Turns out, it’s quite a lot, so it makes sense that some people have said: “A little help, please?!”

Help is here…

[testimonial image=”” name=”” title=””]

254_Bella_Dumlao_Fisher“I knew nothing about the book industry. And every mind-gremlin (and real human-being gremlin) told me that getting published would be hard, or even impossible for me. But I followed Your Big Beautiful Book Plan to a T and this spring, I signed a publishing deal with Beyond Words – Simon and Schuster. Without your plan, I doubt they would have even given me a second glance!”

~ Katie Silcox | Yogini + Creator KatieSilcoxYoga.com

[/testimonial] [testimonial image=”” name=”” title=””]

Lauren Rosenfeld“I purchased Your Big Beautiful Book Plan last March and followed your advice to the letter. Not only did my co-author and I immediately find an agent (we only contacted four agents; three of them came back with an interest in representing us; two within two hours of sending out our query), but we’ve just signed a contract for our book, which is due to be published in Spring of 2014. Thank you for helping me craft my kickass, can’t-be-ignored proposal! It worked magic, just as I hope my book will work magic for its readers!”

~ Lauren Rosenfeld | Co-author of Breathing Room: Open Your Heart by Decluttering Your Home (Atria, Simon & Schuster, 2014) + Soul Declutterer at LGRosenfeld.com


Your Big Beautiful Book Plan Telecourse download is for you if:

  • You’re determined to create a book that will transform lives (including your own), but you’ve had trouble creating the space to make it happen.
  • You know what you want to write, but feel too fuzzy on the details to feel confident.
  • You only have an intuitive inkling of what you want to say, but you’re up for a creative jolt to see what can happen.
  • Your momentum ramps up when you’ve got a teacher as your guide.
  • You’re awed by how quickly time flies and you’re tired of merely dreaming of your book.
  • You need more structure to fit this baby into your busy life.
  • You’ve been eyeing Linda’s Carmel Writing Retreats and seeing the success stories, but haven’t yet been able to make it yourself.
  • It just feels like it’s time.

Here’s what I intend for you by the end of this 4-part class: 

  • You’ve written a book proposal for a book you can’t wait to sell.
  • You know what you need to know about the industry, options, query letters, pitching, the writing process, and building your platform.
  • You’ve had a blast (because I don’t do boring).
I can’t wait to work with you! This will be fun. It’s been too long and I’m excited.

Here are the details

Four 2-hour session recordings, with course handouts and assignments for each (assignments are not mandatory, but, hey… do you want to get this done or not?):

Where: The comfort of your home.

What you get:

    • A bestselling publishing expert walking you through your book proposal creation. We’ll break down the proven Your Big Beautiful Book Plan program together and I’ll share all my secrets and latest strategies.
    • Assignments that leap you forward, with the goal of a finished proposal by the end of 4 months if you work on an assignment each month. Think of it as a hassle-saving, motivating structure.
    • Recordings of every class.
    • Loads of Q + A recordings: You’ll hear writers just like you ask me all kinds of questions and get my insights about what’s been tripping them up.

OPTIONAL UPGRADE PACKAGE:  Includes a one-hour consult with me totally focused on you and your book ideas over phone or Skype.

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You deserve to make your book dream come true. Prepare to amaze yourself.

*As I say in the FAQs, you do not have to purchase Your Big Beautiful Book Plan to take this course. But if you’d like to, go here.


 $249 gets you access to everything our live participants experienced in Your Big Beautiful Book Plan Telecourse. (You’ll receive immediate access to recordings + handouts for all classes within an hour of purchase.)



$849 gets you the Telecourse + a 1-hour private phone consult with Linda (No longer available, but click to add your name to the wait list in case these private sessions open up in the future.)(If you sign up after March 13, recordings + handouts for any classes you missed will be sent to you immediately after purchase.)



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“I am loooooving your workshop!! Worth every penny!!!!” ~Bronwyn Saglimbeni

“Just wanted to give you a big virtual hug to thank you for your first telecourse this week
– I’ve been on muse-driven-FIRE ever since!”  ~Jade Barclay

“Dear Linda, Thank you for this amazing course and all the wisdom and skill you are sharing with us.
I feel as if this is the piece I’ve been missing all along!”  ~Gulara Guliyeva

“Much love to @DanielleLaPorte and @LindaSivertsen and BigBeautifulBookPlan.
Last night’s call was awesome! my book will get done this year! @DinaDelicce, Twitter

“I *knew* signing up for your telecourse and giving
myself permission to pursue my writing dreams was the right thing to do : )”
 ~Kimberly Houston


“My book was stuck at a crossroads when I booked a consultation with Linda. I’d heard tell of Linda’s legendary instincts, and they weren’t kidding. I ended our session with a clear path forward, confidence in the new direction, and excited to get going. Like any great therapist, Linda makes you feel like you’re coming up with the ideas yourself, even though she’s a total genie. Could we maybe find a way to bottle her intuition and keep it on our desks?”

~Alice Williams, journalist, author of Would It Kill You To Say Please?    


Frequently Asked Questions

[accordion title=”Q: I’m not sure I’ve nailed down what book I want to write. Will this program help me with that?” state=”closed”]A: No doubt. Trust your gut. You never know what piece of information will spark your creative juices. Sometimes just making the step toward your own creativity unleashes your unconscious. It’s like you brain says, “Okay. Now that she’s taking this seriously, I will too.” I’ve seen it a thousand times.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Q: What if I can’t do all the assignments in the recommended 4-month timeframe?” state=”closed”]A: It’s all good. You can do them on any schedule that works for you! There’s no test. This is just to give you support, inspiration, and motivation. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Q: What if I’ve already written half my book proposal? (Or book?)” state=”closed”]A: Great! This course is good if you’ve got a full manuscript or one line scribbled down on a napkin. If you’re just starting, it’ll help you shortcut your process and work smarter. If you’re deep into your journey, it’ll help you create a shorter distance between where you are and where you long to be. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Q: If buy the private phone consult package, what can I use it for?” state=”closed”]A: It’s your chance to work with me one-on-one on your ideas, proposal, query letter… whatever you want. Consider it a super-charged brainstorming/feedback session all on you and your idea. It’s an ideal opportunity to have me read through something live on the phone and get my immediate input and suggestions. I’m quick with titles, marketing, websites, branding, big picture, and small details. I love it all, and may just have an idea that saves you years of work or makes you tons of money. (Don’t mean to sound arrogant, but that’s how it works. See what others have said here. http://bookmama.com/retreats/dreamy-testimonials/
Or here: http://bookmama.com/work-with-linda/.)

[/accordion] [accordion title=”Q: Do I need to own Your Big Beautiful Book Plan to take this telecourse? ” state=”closed”]A: It’s not required, but we highly suggest that you pick it up http://yourbigbeautifulbookplan.com/ as it includes many delicious book proposal examples and will be a great ongoing reference, allowing you to skip taking lots of notes.
[/accordion] [accordion title=”Q: What’s covered in each session? ” state=”closed”]A: Quite a lot! Here’s the scoop…

Session #1:

  • The Cover page: To design or not to design, that’s the question! Included in our discussion is what to show if you’re sending to an agent vs. when an agent’s sending on your behalf. With beautiful samples, of course.
  • The Hook page: This is my favorite part of a proposal (other than the query), and the thing my agent friends tell me makes all the difference in the proposals I send their way. (Hint: most people either don’t know to create a Hook page, or get intimidated and don’t want to.) Rockin’ samples included.
  • Proposal Table of Contents: Sounds simple and it is. But there are still key things to know, like how this differs from your book Table of Contents. I’ll show you how.
  • Query page: These babies used to scare the crap out of me, but not anymore! Over the years I’ve learned to LOVE creating query pages because this is where all the initial power is. This little document (1-2 pages) is what you email (sometimes snail mail, but not often) to agents. If it’s well written, odds are they’ll call or email you QUICKLY. As in a matter of minutes or mere hours. Not written well? Crickets. Since I like RESULTS, I’ve mastered this practice and want you to as well. Gratefully, a few of my clients offered up their recent incredible queries–to books that have just been released this spring (and one coming in the fall, so they’re new… not even in Your Big Beautiful Book Plan yet). These samples are hot and will help you pitch yourself like a pro! And, they make everything easier because your agent will likely use that query to pitch editors at publishing houses. And then once you have a book deal, your editor will share it with the sales team to use when pitching bookstore buyers. And the PR team will use it to pitch the Today show. See where I’m going with this? Gold. Sprinkled with diamonds.
  • Lots of great questions and detailed answers about all sorts of things, including: how to create structure when you’re lost in your own massive page count or text; how to find the bridges to connect different pieces together; whether or not to finish the book before selling it; when to hurry and when to take your time; blogging–is it important, and what if you don’t want to?; what comes first–writing the book or concentrating on the proposal?; collaboration–should I partner with another writer, and if so, how does that work? and so many others…

Session #2

  • Overview: Your Hook continued… so very important, and so often feared. Have no fear! I LOVE this stuff and have GREAT new samples for you! (As I’ll have for all of the sections.)
  • About the Author: If they–meaning agents and editors–fall in love with you and your topic, you’re more likely to land a book deal. I’ve got a lot to say about how to help them do just that… swoon. : )
  • Market: While it’s tempting to say that EVERYONE needs your book (of course they do!), there are better ways to list who your readers will be and why they’re already waiting for you. Much better.
  • Competition: You may not have any competition (because you’re that fabulous), but we’ll outline what they’re looking for so you come off in the best of company! Being a first of a kind can make you appear too risky, and being one of a million ain’t gonna cut it. I’ve got lots of suggestions for making you stand out, and look like a sure thing.

Session #3

  • PR & Media: I will have just returned from my media tour through NYC for my new app, with media on the brain and ready to spill all my latest tips & tricks for making it WORK in a big way. (You’re not going to believe who is already interested in the app without even seeing it yet:)). I can’t wait to share this with you… media (including online promotion) is oh-so-important and can be much easier than you think. Just imagine about how much fun you’ll have sharing your baby with the world!
  • Platform, Platform, Platform: This includes all of the topics I love: TV, radio, online promotion, speaking, seminars, RETREATS (the best), blogging–you name it. Again, I have LOTS to share on this topic, having been a part of dozens of bestsellers and hit campaigns for myself and my clients, and running perhaps the most successful seminar business for writers around. I will have to remember to breathe so I don’t pass out trying to get it all out in the two hours. Ha!

Session #4 

  • Spin-off books: Most people have ideas on what they could write NEXT. At least in their mind or heart. When do you list these ideas, and how? We’ll cover it. Including the “two-book deal” question.
  • Legalities: Not everyone needs this section, but for those who do, it’s key!
  • Delivery of the Manuscript: In a rush and want the publisher to hurry? Need lots of time and want them to be patient? What’s the norm, and how to state what works for you down on the page so you get what you need.
  • Chapter Summaries: How long it too long? How concise is too concise? There’s an art to this and it works. And it may not be what you’ve heard before…

And, of course, I’ll be answering  questions & sharing loads of writing tips, strategies, and musings throughout the entire course. [/accordion] [separator type=”top”]Content[/separator]

Want your book to be next? Let’s do this!

I live for seeing people’s dreams happen. Between my Carmel Writing Retreat clients and Your Big Beautiful Book Plan readers, there are always books in various stages of being birthed. Below are just a few of the latest babies…

[testimonial image=”” name=”” title=””]

Paris Lettersjanice-150x150

“Your retreat helped me immensely. I knew the story I wanted to tell but your intuitive skills helped make it a much bigger, much more helpful book. Before, my book would have been just okay. Now, it’s epic. And you can quote me on that. And a side note, I met my new best friend at my retreat and we’ve supported each other on this adventure each step of the way. She’s coming to visit me in Paris in the spring and I can’t wait!”

Just out to rave reviews from National Geographic, Kirkus, Elle…!

 Paris Letters (SOURCEBOOKS, Spring 2014) by Janice MacLeod

[/testimonial] [testimonial image=”” name=”” title=””]

full bloomelizabethm150 x 150“I had so many ideas, but wasn’t sure which was the BEST one—what to focus on to be a winner… Linda is a bit of a psychic, and zeroed in on key things that made my project much stronger… She has helped bring me to the next level; through her editing, brainstorming, and business acumen, I got a great deal with a formidable publisher (planning to also promote my book in their national magazine). In Linda you can find a wonderful partner to help bring your book forward into the world!” 

Coming out this spring with a national magazine campaign already in the works!

LIVING LIFE IN FULL BLOOM (RODALE, 2014) by Elizabeth Murray

[/testimonial] [testimonial image=”” name=”” title=””]

Super healingelaine150x150“I cannot accurately call this a writing retreat, as it was a much more sacred experience for me. I was swept away and engulfed in a deeply spiritual space of creation—like church—where the forces bathed us all with the energy and assistance needed to write from our hearts in a most profound and powerful way. I wrote more efficiently and effectively in one day than I had in several years. Linda, you are beyond a wordsmith, and surpass the syntax of magic! I am still awed, speechless and deeply grateful for one of the most remarkable adventures of my lifetime. I used to think they were about exploring external spaces and places. Now I know, the truth. The greatest journey of them all is the one that takes us deeper into heart’s core, and expressing its love. This week has been one of the most loving, profound experiences of my entire life…”


(HEALTH COMMUNICATIONS, Fall 2013) by Elaine R. Ferguson (keep an eye out for her PBS TV special) in the works

[/testimonial] [testimonial image=”” name=”” title=””]

Get It Done Book 150 x 150samantha bennett“I was stuck in the mire of being halfway done with my book proposal, and YBBBP rescued me. Linda & Danielle are like the best wise fairy godmothers a writer could want. The depth of the program reassured me that I was on track, and their honey-we’ve-been-there-insights saved me hours of wasted time ‘chasing rabbits.”

I got a book deal with the first and only publisher I submitted to (New World Library)! YBBBP gave me clarity, encouragement and the solid information I needed exactly when I needed it most. When I was a little girl I loved books so much that I wanted to grow up to be a writer; YBBBP helped make that dream come true.”  [Note: check out the cover quote from Seth Godin, calling it an “instant classic” and “essential reading.”] ~Samantha Bennett | Author + founder, The Organized Artists Company

 [/testimonial] [testimonial image=”” name=”” title=””]

ana holubForgive-and-Be-Free.2-662x1024

“Linda Sivertsen is a master teacher, editor and writer. She inspires a vast fountain of creativity to pour over everyone at her retreats. Bright, open hearted, and funny, her style made it easy for me to relax and get some serious work done at the same time. Linda helped me in so many ways—not only with technical things like editing my book proposal and brainstorming new ideas, but also by supporting my work on more personal levels as well. She listened, suggested, prompted, laughed, loved and brought out the best in every participant… She also connected me with a top agent for my own book, who got me a publishing deal. Wow.” 

FORGIVE AND BE FREE (Llewellyn, Winter, 2014) by Ana Holub. Such an incredible book!


About Linda Sivertsen


Living my creative writing fantasy-life and helping other people claim theirs. I’m a book proposal doctor, author whisperer, agent connector, idea-fairy, and huge-hearted cheerleader of creativity for writers of all genres. In addition to authoring & co-authoring nine books — including Closer Than You Think (April 2012, Conari Press), Generation Green (Simon & Schuster), Lives Charmed (HCI), and the NY Times bestseller Harmonic Wealth (Hyperion), and collaborating on the NY Times bestseller The Compound Effect — I help aspiring authors land 6- and even 7-figure book deals at my writing retreats in Carmel-by-the-Sea and with Your Big Beautiful Book Plan, co-authored by Danielle LaPorte.

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compound“To my writing muse and collaborator, Linda Sivertsen, who helped pull out the stories and references from my past and give my process order and coherence.”  


~ Darren Hardy | publisher of SUCCESS magazine, from the Acknowledgments section of his book, The Compound Effect (Vanguard Press, Nov. 2011). New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller

[/testimonial] [testimonial image=”” name=”” title=””]

firestarter“Proposal doctor Linda Sivertsen was the best cheerleader a weary author could hope for.“


~ Danielle LaPorte | from the Acknowledgments section of her book, The Fire Starter Sessions (Crown Archetype, April, 2012)

[/testimonial] [testimonial image=”” name=”” title=””]

education-of-millionaires“I, like Linda, craft book proposals for others (as well as author my own titles). When I’m too close to my work, I call Linda. In a few short hours with my latest proposal, she zeroed in and suggested edits/additions that radically upped my game. Within days, I’d signed with one of the biggest agents in the industry. Days later, I had a six-figure deal with Penguin’s Portfolio imprint, one of the top business imprints in the country. These results were astonishing to me. I couldn’t be more thrilled or appreciative to have Linda (with her quick instincts, generous heart, and big talent) in my tribe.” 

~ Michael Ellsberg | Forbes.com columnist, and author of The Education of Millionaires: It’s Not What You Think and It’s Not Too Late (Portfolio/Penguin)


You deserve to make your book dream come true. 

*As I said in the FAQs, you do not have to purchase Your Big Beautiful Book Plan to take this course. But if you’d like to, go here.


$249 gets you all of the recordings + downloads of our recent Your Big Beautiful Book Plan Telecourse



$849 gets you the Telecourse + a 1-hour private phone consult with Linda (No longer available, but click to add your name to the wait list in case these private sessions open up in the future.)


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arielle 150x150“We call Linda the ‘Author Whisperer’ because of her seemingly magical ability to uncover the book in a person that wants to be written–often before they’ve even seen it. Like a midwife, she delivers a writer’s core message and brilliance onto the page, in the style agents, editors, and readers are searching for. I have witnessed Linda work her Author-Whisperer magic for years. There are very few people who can do what she does, and we’re always elated with her results!”

~ Arielle Ford | best-selling author of The Soulmate Secret (HarperOne)